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The Grainne Loveknot Pendant

The Grainne Love knot Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant - This beautiful Celtic knot work love knot ...


The Grainne Pendant  

The Grainne Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant - Grainne, Celtic princess and siren whose beauty ...


The Fand Pendant

The Fand Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant - Fand, "Pearl of Beauty" was the wife of the ancient ...


The Niam Pendant

The Niam Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant - Niam of the head of gold was daughter of the King of ...


The Ethne Pendant

The Ethne Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant - Ethne was a creature of the fairy world associated ...


The Isolde Pendant

The Isolde Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant - Isolde, Irish princess, legendary beauty and wife of ...


The Achill Cross Pendant

The Achill Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Pendant - Celtic cross jewelry symbolically represents ...


The Aran Cross Pendant  

The Aran Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Pendant - Celtic cross jewelry, are symbols of the upward ...


The Kilronan Claddagh Pendant  

The Kilronan Sterling Silver Celtic Claddagh Pendant - The lovely Kilronan Claddagh Pendant is ...


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