The Kilronan Claddagh Set

The Kilronan Claddagh Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant and Earrings Set – The lovely Kilronan Claddagh Set is the essence of the symbolism of Celtic Claddagh jewelry, the bestowal of which represents a powerful and mystical declaration of eternal love. Once, long ago a young Irish boy was captured by the dreaded Corsairs off the Barbary Coast of Africa and was carried off in chains and sold as a slave in the slave markets of Morocco. His master was a renowned goldsmith who instructed his young slave in the arts of the jewelry trade. In time the boy became a great goldsmith and was eventually released from his servitude. He returned to Ireland where at long last he was reunited with his beloved, for whom he had created his masterpiece. The Irish Claddagh. And as he presented her with this now famous symbol, he uttered these words. “With this gem, I give you the highest thing that I can offer, I hand you my naked heart crowned with my eternal love” And so Irish Claddagh jewelry has come to symbolize a powerful declaration of eternal love. The Claddagh was also created in the form of the Claddagh ring.

Earrings 1/2″ x 5/8″
Pendant 5/8″ x 3/4″
Chain not included